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BookCrossing Wishes by cliff1976

What's different here versus the old wish list website?

For starters, the concept is the same. BookCrossing.com users can list their wishes here, since a wish list feature has not been integrated into BookCrossing.com (yet). So, it's pretty much the same thing. However, some things have indeed changed.

  • Crossed-off wishes are no more.
    I wasn't sure that there was any value-add going on there, and there was no clearly-defined lifetime of a wish, so to try to limit the size of the database of wishes, I decided to go with a model where a wish exists, or it does not — nothing in between.
  • Likewise with the BCID field.
    I had hoped, in the previous incarnation of the wish list site, that the BCID field would help make it easy for users to link back to their fulfilled-wishes' journal entries, or that they could show their desire to read a certain physical book by entering its BCID. But apparently, not a lot of people were using this, and a heckuva lot of people completely misunderstood the poing of the whole thing. In the end: probably more hassle than it was worth. Adios.
  • I've tried to make it easier to use in general.
    My hope is that wish list usage will be more intuitive. You can confirm edits to your wishes just by pressing the enter key now. You have to actively click a red button to actually delete anything.
  • Some of the old features aren't here (yet).
    Migrating some features to this new format hasn't been a high priority, but they should be easy enough to implement eventually. Also, connectivity to other BC fansites will have to be re-established (i.e., BookRelay.com, but that opens up the possibilty to also connect to RABCK.com as well). For those of you asking about grouping wish users by country, interacting with RABCK.com seems like the best bet (why re-invent the wheel? Let's connect the wheels instead).
  • Yadda yadda yadda. Gimme the codey dirt.
    OK, it used to be ASP3 and MSSQL-based, hosted by a company whose new owners decided they didn't want me as a customer any more. Now it's PHP and MySQL based, hosted at with a lot more JS and DHTML going on. I've learned to appreciate clean URLs, which is why a wish list can now be accessed with something like bcwish.cliff1976.net/marahsulloy/ instead of something full of question marks and equal signs that are easy to mistype when linking to your wishes from within your BC shelf page or other external sites.
    I've been planning a move away from ReadyHosting for a long time. Then they decided they didn't want me as a customer anymore and my customership got sold to a company who had two hacker attacks within 10 days. So I sped up the development of this site to try to keep things safe for you, the end user. Thanks for your patience while I iron out all the bugs.