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Wish Lists Come Home
April 24th, 2008
Long-term dream come true! At the BC convention in London last weekend, the management revealed that they're offering a built-in wish list functionality to their paying members (at first, while the service is in beta testing). I really, really think this is a good idea.

Back when I started these here wish lists in 2002 or thereabouts, my motivation was the lack of a wish list function. Now that it's there, and they've made it available to Members Plus users, I can start phasing out these wish lists in favor of doing it over there.

There are a lot of donated funds still available for this site though, so until they run out, these hosted-by-me wish lists don't have to necessarily go anywhere. But I'm no longer accepting donations for the site, and if you send me any money, it'll go into my pocket and not the wish list coffers (just so you know).